SSgt. Janet Burkhart
CBIRF Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR)
Office: 301-744-1010
MGySgt Paul Corner

MARFORCOM Equal Opportunity Advisor
Office: 757-836-1569




  • Command EORs are a vital part of creating and cultivating an environment of dignity, respect, and trust at the command level.

  • EORs are the commander’s primary asset to monitor command climate and receive reports of prohibited activity and conduct. They serve at the discretion of the commander.

  • EORs are not considered SMEs. Rather, they serve as the command liaison with the servicing EOA/MEO office and a source of information for the commander and complainants.

  • EORs do not serve as advocates for a complainant or subject, nor will they conduct inquiries or command investigations.

  • All official communications with EORs are considered protected communications. Protected communications are not the same as privileged, or confidential communications.

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