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Chemical Biological Incident Response Force


Chemical Biological Incident Response Force

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command

Indian Head, MD
Policy Letters

CBIRF Bulletin 1300 Collateral Duties Roster (April 2016)

CO's Policy on Hazing (March 2016)

COTS Equipment Maintenance Procedures (15-14) (December 2014)

PPE While Operating Motor Vehicles & Engineer Equipment (14-14)

COCA Policy (13-14) (2014)

Counseling Policy (12-14) (2014)

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) (11-14)

Policy for the use of the Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) (10-14)

PII / non-gov CPUs / Email Accounts and Hard Drives (9-14)

Battalion Personally Owned Weapons Policy (8-14)

Suicide Prevention SOP (7-14)

Emergency Notification (6-14)

Combat and Operational Stress Program (5-14)

Violence Prevention (4-14)

Foreign Disclosure (3-14)

Publication Control (2-14)

CBIRF Video Game Systems & Accessories (1-14)

Use of GPS and E-Z TAGS (10-13)

PTAD (8-13)

CO's Policy on Family Readiness (7-13)

Information Systems Coordinator (ISC) (6-13)

CO's Policy Statement on Hazing (6-13)

CO's Policy Statement on Safety (5-13)

CO's Policy Statement on Equal Opportunity (4-13)

CO's Policy Statement on Sexual Assault (3-13)

CO's Line in the Sand (2-13)

CO's Command Philosophy (1-13)

Assignment to Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ) (2-12)

Open Purchase Procedures (28-11)

Assignment of Equipment Repair Order Matrix (18-11)

COTS Equipment Repair Order (17-11)

Removal of Abandoned Vehicles From CBIRF Parking Areas (17-11)

Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PDQRs) (16-11)

Pre-Expended Bin (PEB) Procedures (15-11)

Personnel Assignment, Reassignment & Distribution Procedures (15-11)

CBIRF Motor Stables (14-11)

Assignment of Operations 1st Echelon Preventative Maintenance (13-11)

Centralized Calibration Policy (11-11)

Modification Control Procedures (10-11)

Statement of Introduction (9-11)

Semi-Annual Checklist of Policy Letters (8-11)

PTAD in Conjunction with FY 2011 Reenlistments (3-11)

Policy on the CBIRF Obstacle Course (1-11)

Authorized Echelons of Maintenance (EOM) (24-10)

Annual Review of TMDE & Calibrations (22-10)

Quality Control (21-10)

DOD Attendance of the CBOC (19-10)

Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Program (18-10)

Policy on Responsible Effective Use of Internet-Based Capabilities (09-10)

Policy Concerning Voluntary Education (7-10)

COTS Equipment Record Jackets (6-10)

Commerical Off the Shelf (COTS) Equipment Repair Order (5-10)

Publication Control (4-10)

Product Quality Deficiency Reports (3-10)

Centralized Calibration Policy (2-10)

Modification Control Procedures (1-10)