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U.S. Marines and Sailors with Chemical Biological Incident Response Force conduct table five qualifications aboard Fort A.P. Hill, Va., on Mar. 30, 2021. Table Five Qualification consists of various short and quick shooting drills while moving. (Official U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Lance Cpl. Blakely Graham/Released)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Blakely Graham

Training the Next Generation

9 Jun 2021 | Lance Cpl. Blakely Graham Chemical Biological Incident Response Force

Naval Support Facility Indian Head, Maryland --

United States Marine SSgt. Kaden Keele, the Battalion Marital Arts Instructor Trainer (MAIT), with Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF), has the responsibility to train Marines into Marital Arts Instructors (MAI). MAIs are responsible for training Marines in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP). In order for Marines to stay in “fighting shape”, they must continue to train their minds and bodies. Part of MCMAP instructors is to instill that into every Marine they train. But before those instructors can be trained, a MAIT must certify both their knowledge, and their practical application.

Initially SSgt. Keele was assigned as the Reconnaissance Section Leader for Bravo Company, CBRN B Platoon, and later was given the responsibility as Training Chief for the Platoon. In addition, Keele takes on the billet as the Battalion MAIT. This allows him to mentor Marines in becoming more disciplined and knowledgeable leaders. As the Battalion MAIT he is directly responsible for teaching the unit’s 500 members. “I want to be able to continue training Marines and Sailors wherever I am stationed,” said SSgt. Keele.

Over the period of 6 years in the Marine Corps, SSgt. Keele has trained approximately 80 students with a total of 600-700 hours logged. Of the 80 Marines, he has successfully trained 6 into MCMAP Instructors. For Keele being an MAIT means that he has the opportunity to make a direct impact on all Marines that participate in the program instructing them on the importance of becoming ethical warriors. In return, he knows that every student will be able to continue his teachings throughout the Marine Corps.

“I want to be able to continue training Marines and Sailors wherever I am stationed.”

-SSgt. Kaden Keele, CBIRF, Battalion MAIT

When asked what his goals as an MAIT were, Keele stated, “I want to directly impact the program at various commands so it may grow and progress for all Marines who follow after me. When I leave my current command I want to be able to have full faith and confidence that I left the Battalion at a better state of readiness due to the effort that I have put into all the students and instructors.”


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